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About The Great Weekender

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent tours and experiences for curious people of all ages. Whether you are visiting the UK, or this is your home, our team of excellent local guides know the stories that will bring the city to life for you.


Join us if you are travelling solo, with a group, have a special or work occasion, or are looking to just fill a couple of hours. You will find that our tours are relaxed and yet informative. In fact, you can class our tours as educational and we regularly take school, college and university trips.


If you are looking to book an experience quickly, simply check our pre-paid tours which we run every week. But if you require one of our tailored tours, i.e.for colleges, foreign exchange students and university projects, we will deliver the perfect package for your requirements.


We provide a bespoke seamless service and itinerary for all your special occasions, from work events and birthday parties, to facilitating stag & hen parties.


Just request a quote by detailing your requirements and our team will work out the perfect package for your needs.


We look forward to you joining us!


The Great Weekender Team

Our Tours

We have a group of experienced guides who are passionate about what they deliver. We ensure that our guides are knowledgeable and fun, to give you the best experience.


Focused mainly in London, we offer many tours from a variety of London guides. Some of the London Tours and experiences we have on offer are listed below. Because we love our cities, if you have a specific tour in mind that is not listed below, let us know and we will create a specialist tour just for you. 




  1. Westminster Tour

  2. City of London Tour

  3. Full-Day London experience

  4. Southbank Tour

  5. Jack the Ripper

  6. Harry Potter

  7. World War 2 Tour

  8. Greenwich Tour




  1. Brixton History and Culture

  2. Notting Hill Tour

  3. Soho Tour

  4. Camden Tour

  5. Hampstead Tour (The garden suburb) Tour - (Summer only)

  6. Peckham Tour

  7. Docklands Tour 

  8. Vauxhall to Battersea via Pimlico




  1. Shoreditch Street Art Tour

  2. Rock & Roll Tour

  3. Camden Street art Tour

  4. Christmas Tour

  5. Bible Tour (British Museum)

  6. Church History




  1. Brixton Beer Mile

  2. Brixton Food Tour

  3. Bermondsey Beer Mile

  4. East End Food Tour

  5. Historic London Pub Tour

  6. London Pub Crawl & Cockney Singalong

  7. Borough Market & Bermondsey Foodie Tour

  8. London Tea Tour




  1. The Essential Birmingham Tour

  2. Birmingham Street Art Tour 




  1. The Essential Cardiff Tour

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